Mistakes at Work - What to Do If You Make a Mistake at Work

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Usually you can correct your error or just forget about it and move on. Making a mistake at work, however, could be more serious.When you make a mistake at work your career may depend on what you do next. Let's see your options:

Admit Your Mistake: Tell your boss about your mistake immediately. Don't try to hide your mistake. You will look terrible if someone else discovers it. At the other hand, your boss will appreciate your openness.

Give Your Boss a Plan How To Fix Your Mistake: When you go to your boss to confess your mistake, you must have a plan for correcting it.

Don't Blame Anyone Else for Your Mistake: Pointing fingers won't help anyone if you make a mistake.

Apologize for Your Mistake But Don't Beat Yourself Up: There's a big difference between admitting your mistake and beating yourself up about it. Take responsibility but don't blame yourself for making it, especially in public. 

Correct Your Mistake on Your Own Time: If you have to spend extra hours at work to correct your mistake, don't expect to be paid for that time. You can also use your lunch hour or come into work early.

There are many ways how to correct your mistake, just remember  everyone is just a person. People are doing mistakes, we are not machines. ;o)


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