Brona Biela? - Who am I?

Thank you for viewing my HR Blog.

I am passionate about HR issues and therefore I love to publish my HR best practice. I hope you like my writing and I welcome your feedback. 
I am a Global HR Leader, passionate in designing Leadership Development strategies, boosting Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace and developing first class HR strategies and making them work better for the business. Committed to transforming society through personal relationship and influence.  

Areas of expertise include:
- Providing first class HR Partnership to C-level global executives 
- Business Transformation and building effective organizations, 
- Global Development and Leadership development strategies, 
- Strategic Talent Reviews and Succession planning 
- Diversity and inclusion strategies, 
- Global Talent Management and Talent Acquisition 
- Effective leading of Global Project teams 
- Green fields start ups & Change management, 
- Organizational and Performance management, and more. 

I have published numerous articles and white papers in the area of HR management in business newspapers and magazines. I am fluent in English and Slovak / Czech and intermediate in German. 
I have gained a Level 5 CIPD Cenrtification, I hold MA in Human Resources, in addition to credits at the University of Oxford, UK. 

Please see some of my HR articles at my blog:
LinkedIn: Brona Biela, Assoc CIPD

Enjoy your reading! :) 


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